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Utilising online technical expertise can give your business a competitive edge. With a range of commercial tools, we help you transfer, process and harness valuable data securely. Advanced and intuitive software and resources enable you to operate proactively. We help you increase efficiencies with digital systems, training and support that keeps your offering ahead of your rivals.

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Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the exchange of business-related documentation from one company to another. A standard, shared electronic format is established between business partners to ensure that files can be used by all companies involved when online transactions have been completed. We advise on set-up costs, Internet safety and integration with your other business systems, plus provide ongoing support to keep your data flowing efficiently and securely.
API integrations
Fast, useful web applications can add real value to your business website. They make the user experience (UX) easier for your customers and let your web pages run smoother. Application program interfaces (APIs) are the building blocks that help develop great programs and Apps. We create the code that enables software applications to exchange data among each other, often graphical user interface (GUI) components that make your website stand out from the crowd.
Inventory Management
Time is precious, and managing your inventory across all locations on one single platform can add real value to your business. Embracing the right software solution lets you ditch resource-hungry spreadsheets, eradicate input errors, and free-up personnel to explore new opportunities. Inventory management puts you in control of orders, and automates the quotation/purchase order process. We’ll help you connect to accounting software and generate reports to shape future strategies.
Supply Chain Management
Keeping tabs on inventory is only part of the equation. Supply chain management goes further, putting businesses in control to keep track of goods during manufacture, warehousing and when supplied to customers. It raises visibility, manages workflows and reduces costs. For businesses it adds resilience, helping plan for scenarios where the supply chain variables unexpectedly change. We advise and implement specialised software solutions with efficiency and profitability in mind.
Fat Badger Media exists to support organisations across a range of IT and technical disciplines. We are your partner for planning, design and implementation of cloud-based and on-site software solutions. With support packages that are flexible, we’re back-up for your business as it adapts to ever-changing market conditions. Our proactive team will monitor your systems, keep software up-to-date and provide recommendations to keep your brand safe and secure.
Having a website partner that knows your business means continuity. As systems, software and Apps change, it’s great to know you’ll have a resource on hand to give you, staff and your supply chain partners the necessary training you need. We’ll make sure your business is equipped with the skills you need to grow and thrive, with packages to suit all budgets. We offer on-site or online training courses, top-up sessions, plus help with problem resolution.

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